Which allergies cause pimples ?

The appearance of pimples or redness on the skin is called a rash. It may cover most of the skin or be localized in one area.  Itching or pain may follow. However, it can be avoided if you know the allergies that cause it.

Animal bites or stings

Contact with the skin of some animals causes pimples. For example, the bite of bedbugs, ticks, fleas or mosquitoes. The bite causes swelling at the site of the bite and may cause itching or pain. It may intensify and cover the skin.


Eczema usually occurs in children. It can develop into adulthood. It is characterised by the appearance of red patches on specific areas of the body. It can appear in the folds of the knees or elbows, on the neck, on the wrists or ankles. It occurs cyclically. The appearance of these red patches can cause pain and itching.

Contact dermatitis

Some people are allergic to certain instruments.  It can also occur as a result of contact with an irritant substance. Contact with baby’s urine or stool can also trigger a rash. In this case, the rash is limited to the area of skin contact. However, it can be very itchy.

Reaction to certain medicines

Medications such as antibiotics and aspirin are prone to the appearance of pimples on the skin. In fact, taking certain medicines awakens the skin’s sensitivity. The sensitivity of the skin increases when it comes into contact with the sun. It is difficult to know whether it is the medication that triggers the allergy.

Very hot or very cold weather

Pimples also appear on the skin when the heat increases. Humid weather can also cause pimples to break out. In fact, these times favour the closing of the channels that release sweat. As a result, the allergy is triggered and pimples appear. They can disappear when the skin temperature drops.