How can you soothe an allergy without medication ?

Natural weather, microbes or dust mites are often the cause of skin allergies. Most of these allergies present themselves in the form of itching, redness, eczema or even endless coughing. To remedy these ailments, there are very simple options for the cause. This article offers you some of them.

Natural herbal teas for coughs

Do you have an endless cough? Don’t panic. Natural herbal teas are just what you need. Easy to make at home and effective, you only need to make a small effort to stop your cough. To do this, you need to heat up some water in order to prepare the herbal teas. However, you should prefer lavender, eucalyptus or dried thyme tea. These plants have an effective effect on the health of the consumer and provide a satisfactory result.

Favouring salt water for skin irritations

Certain parts of the human body are often irritated due to allergies. It can be seen that when the eyes are affected, certain mucous membranes are also irritated. In order to remedy these skin disorders, there is a solution to be preferred. This is to use cold water compresses on the eye area. You wait for a few minutes until it subsides to your satisfaction.

As for the nostrils, you only have to mix coffee and salt in hot water. You let it dissolve after a few minutes before applying the solution in your nostril while using a syringe or any other means of injection.

Using clay for eczema

Two solutions are effective for eczema. You can choose between using clay or drinking water frequently. However, the clay must be composed in such a way that it can be applied without detours. Please also make sure that the water you drink is pure and very clean. A third solution can be used. This is to use liniment and mix it with lime water or olive oil.